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The Family Solution Program (FSP) is a family group program which aims to strengthen families by providing experiences that increase skills for successful living and positive relationships. FSPaims to strengthen the home-school partnership in families. We strive to foster home environments that include learning and acceptance in responsibility for establishing a leadership role in helping children succeed in school. FSP sessions provide support to families and help them to develop stronger relationships.

This wonderful

This wonderful program will be offered to students and families who are interested in improving school behavior and family communication and cohesion. It is offered all aged students in District 2. There is no charge for the program, and there are incentives for participation, including; gift cards, movie tickets, and other incentives. We look forward to signing your family up for our next cycle.

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1. Why work with families?
  • Precursors of juvenile crime, truancy, and behavior problems related to family factors include poor parental monitoring, absence of effective parenting skills, high frequency of family transitions including father absence, a history of criminality in the family, and lack of parental involvement and appreciation for education and school failure.
2. Why a multiple family group model?
  • Traditional methods of rehabilitation have not been shown to be effective in preventing recidivism.
  • Group processes are effective in reaching families who distrust professional systems.
  • Family group interventions can change behaviors within the family that may contribute to juvenile delinquency.
  • Power of the group provides validation and hope.
For more information, contact:
Liv Hayes or Kelley Ezell

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