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About Volunt-Heroes

Heroes typically wear a mask. Like Batman, Spiderman, and other famous heroes, their identity is hidden while they go out to save members of their community. At the UFRC, we have an army of unmasked heroes who work diligently to rescue the community in various ways.

Whether they are handing out food from our pantry, getting toys ready for Christmas, or saving our nonprofit from the depths of disorganization, volunteers are vital to creating a healthier, happier community. 

Do you have a calling? Don your cape and give us a call!  864-578-6013 or email

To expedite the volunteer process and to get to know you better, please complete this Volunteer Application by clicking HERE

Did You Know?

In South Carolina, volunteers are valued at $23.21 an hour.


Our Volunt-Heroes pack a punch into our workload! POW is an acronym for the three types of volunteers our organization utilizes.


Volunt-Heroes specilizing on projects would be catering to our special events. These events are improtant because they help to spread word of how we help while raising funds to help us continue our mission. Scroll down to see more about upcoming special events.


On-call heroes are crucial to helping the community. When something unexpected happens, or a crisis emerges, they are the volunteers we call for help.
  • Donation management (including pick up)
  • Food pantry
  • Event set-up
  • Yard work


Weekly Volunt-Heroes aid in keeping our nonprofit running smoothly so we may help clients as efficiently as possible. Harvest Family Ministries (HFM) supports our Crisis Intervention efforts, and possibly has the biggest need for weekly volunteers with our various programs.
  • Thrive Store
  • Food Pantry
  • Front Office

Special Projects

*Some event have been delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19

Christmas for Kids

Who needs Santa when you have Volunt-Heroes?  This is a busy time where parents come to select special Christmas presents for their children. We need Volunt-Heroes who can assess, sort, organize, restock toy inventory, help families pick out the right toys, and aid with set-up and break-up of event materials. We also need Volunt-Heroes who can manage Toy Drives to supply this Christmas program.
The spirit of Christmas will carry on with your help. Volunteer application will be coming soon.

Auction for a Cause

Are you more of a Hulk or Superwoman? We need those strong and willing to help us with Uptown Sertoma's Annual Auction for a Cause. This is a magical evening where over 700 individuals come to bid on items tempting and divine. 

For this event, help is needed lifting and setting down auction items, as well as wheeling items to their new owners. 

Family Fun Color Run

We need special heroes for the Family Fun Color Run! This is a special event where families may walk, run, or even jump through clouds of vibrant colors along a 5K trail. 

Assistance is needed for setting up and breaking down the event. For those who wish to give a helping hand with these tasks, the fee for running the 5K will be waived and you may run for free!



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