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The Upstate Family Resource Center's mission is to help families thrive by providing support services, education and community engagement.

For families in our community to be resilient and thrive!


Our journey began in 2007 when the Mary Black Foundation awarded a multi-year grant to Spartanburg School District Two.
The vision was to provide a one stop organization that would serve families in the District Two area.

Our comprehensive approach equips families with the resources and support to achieve self-sufficiency and resilience. We consider workforce preparation, fostering family involvement, and providing coaching for success as crucial tactics in cultivating thriving families. A robust partnership with community organizations is the cornerstone of our success. Organizations like United Way of the Piedmont, Spartanburg County Foundation, Mary Black Foundation, Children's Trust of South Carolina, PASOs South Carolina, Spartanburg Regional Foundation, AFL Global, Spartanburg, Academic Movement, Walmart Foundation, Spartanburg County School District 2 as well as business and faith communities rally behind UFRC, ensuring our programs have the necessary resources to operate year-round.

The Center received its initial funding in 2007 through a multi-year grant from the Mary Black Foundation. The District has since continued to provide support in the form of fiscal agent responsibilities, facilities, maintenance, utilities, and office supplies. Additional funding has been secured through various sources, including the AT&T Foundation, Clemson Compassion Project, JM Smith Foundation, United Way of the Piedmont, AFL, Contec Inc., Sisters of Charity, Women Giving, State Farm, Allstate, Broad River Electric, Downtown Spartanburg Rotary, EF Foundation, Spartanburg County Community Development Block Grant, Spartanburg County, Women Giving, Walmart Foundation, and generous contributions from our community.
Between August 2009 and June 2020, our facility was co-utilized with D2's Transitional Services Team. This program caters to special needs students and their families, with the objective of equipping these students for employment readiness and self-sufficient living. UFRC has evolved into a training hub for numerous of these students, who actively contribute to our various projects and duties..

The UFRC primarily caters to the Spartanburg County School District Two (D2) area, with secondary service to District One (D1), both situated in the northern region of Spartanburg County. It's important to recognize that not all members of our community have the means to travel the 15 miles to the City of Spartanburg for assistance. District Two serves 10,074 students and encompasses a population of over 51,997 residents. Recent research in Spartanburg County reveals that 28% of children between the ages of 5 and 17 come from families living in poverty. Since 2007, approximately half of the students have participated in the Free and Reduced Lunch program, highlighting a significant level of need.


This is the only resource of its kind in the district and Northern Spartanburg County.

Statement of Values and Beliefs

Statement of Values and Beliefs
As a community service organization, we are dedicated to the values and beliefs that nurture a professional and caring environment for our clients, our stakeholders and our employees.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We believe in and honor the uniqueness, dignity, and inherent worth of every individual. We are committed to equitable treatment of our staff, volunteers, and clients.

We are committed to exemplifying the highest level of professionalism, trustworthiness and honesty in all of our endeavors.

We accept personal responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions in order to achieve superior outcomes.

We are committed to working together as a proactive team in which contributions are recognized, valued and openly communicated.

We are committed to building strong relationships with other organizations in order to build a cadre of services designed to address the needs of our diverse community.

Board Of Directors

Our Staff

Financial Partners

  • United Way of the Piedmont
  • Spartanburg County
  • Spartanburg County Foundation
  • Mary Black Foundation
  • Allstate Foundation
  • JM Smith Corporation and Foundation
  • Spartanburg Regional Foundation
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Fraser Roofing
  • Cummins Spartanburg
  • Sherman College of Chiropractic

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