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Triple P

Positive Parenting Program

Small Changes . . .
     . . . BIG Improvements

This is the parenting program proven to work!

Triple P is a parenting program, but it doesn’t tell you how to be a parent. It’s more like a toolbox of ideas. You choose the strategies you need. You choose the way you want to use them. It’s all about making Triple P work for you.

What does Triple P do?  

The three Ps in ‘Triple P’ stand for ‘Positive Parenting Program’, meaning your family life is going to be much more enjoyable.

Triple P helps you:

  • Raise happy, confident kids
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Manage misbehavior
  • Take care of yourself as a parent
  • Feel confident you’re doing the right thing

How do you participate the Positive Parenting Program? 

Because all families are different, there is a range of ways to get invlved in Triple P. Choose anything from single visit consultations to public seminars; group courses to private sessions. You can even do Triple P Online, at home or wherever you like!

For more information and to join a session call:
Liv Hayes at 578-6013 x 1607

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