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Pathway to Progress (P2) is a program based on the evidence-based program Padua Project.  This model focuses on long-term and holistic case management services that meets the unique needs of a family.
Every family is different, so case management with each family should be different.  What works for one, may not work for another.  Different barriers exist.  So instead of meeting just immediate needs, Pathway to Progress is different.  P2P is relationship-based and family centered.

How is P2P Different?

  • Families participating in P2P will work one on one with a case manager for long-term intense case management.
  • Participants agree to meet with their case manager for at least 2 years.
  • Participants will be connected with resources that can enhance their current individual strengths
  • P2P works with families  with the goal to improve stability and economic independence.

How does P2P do this?

  • P2P participants will have a dedicated case mananger who will meet with them one  a regular schedule
  • Their case manager will introduce them to services and resources who can enhance their skills
  • Microlearning programming will be utilized as a fun way to learn and engage
  • A participant will have an advocate in the community
  • Concrete services will assist the family as needed
  • Mental health, physical health, and self esteem will be a focus


  • Participant must live in Spartanburg County
  • Income is 80% or below federal poverty line: i.e. $59,750 or less for a family of four (2022)
  • Have a demonstrated need
  • Willing and commited to participate

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