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A Little Extra Family Fun Auction!

A Little Extra Family Fun Auction!

24 Jun, 2020  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

Families are the foundation of any community, and the children are the future. Making sure families are stable, educated, and happy are vital to creating a long-lasting prosperous community. That’s why it is our mission to help families thrive. Through engaging activities, educational opportunities, and financial support families are directed towards the path of self-sufficiency.

The proceeds from this online event will go toward our mission of helping families thrive, and building a more prosperous community.

We hope you will choose not only to be a part of A Little Extra Family Fun Auction, but to support Northern Spartanburg County by helping families become stronger.

It is a simple process to register to join our virtual auction! Simply click the link below 👇👇👇👇 and click register!

After registering (it’s FREE by the way!) you will receive an email with instructions to get your ticket number and bidder number. One important step, you can’t miss is downloading the Givi app. This app will put the auction in the palm of your hand!! You can preview and favorite items listed now and keep coming back as we will have LOADS of items up for bidding!! Here are a few enticing examples!

So don’t forget!! THIS Friday June 26th! 10am to 10pm

Register Now By Clicking Here!

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