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An Old Friend

15 Feb, 2013  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

I’m old. Some people might say I am past my prime,  but I endure, I am familiar, and I am an old friend.

You might see me every day and not even notice me. But I am here. Enduring. Thriving.

Thriving? How could something old thrive? Because of people. People walk through my doors everyday looking for something. They could be looking for a place to connect with others or to learn something new. Old buildings thrive when people notice them.

My story began over 70 years ago, and many faces graced my halls. (Maybe yours did too?)  Seven years ago, I thought my story was going to end- I would be locked up/boarded up to one day be torn down and replaced with something new. Little did I know that seven years ago I would be changed into something new.

Sure, I missed the sounds of kids running through the halls. Sometimes I even think fondly of those who engraved their names into my wooden walls. But I would not change a thing.

I see people every day looking for a change. Looking for someone to care enough about them. I see faces of children, mothers and fathers, and those I remember from many years ago. They are all coming to see me.

I am thriving because of the things that are going on within my walls; Classes, counseling, ministering, teaching, music (I especially love the music), games, and more.
I am thriving because families are thriving. Thanks to the love of those around me- near and far.

I might be old, but I have found meaning and purpose.

I am the Upstate Family Resource Center. Come visit me.

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