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12 Apr, 2016  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

March is already done and here comes April! So much happened in the month of March its crazy to think it’s over.

We had our brand new website go live and boy does it look awesome! Check it out on your phone as thanks to Swift Solutions, we are mobile! Swift Solutions has helped UFRC create an amazing new website that includes this blog, along with all the information about what the Center is up to. Staff also attended a three day conference held in Spartanburg called SCANPO. This conference was for nonprofits in the surrounding areas to gain new resources and workshop some thoughts about what is going on in our community and we are excited to implement some new ideas. Lastly we partnered with United Way of the Piedmont and held a poverty simulation at New Beginnings United Methodist Church. It was truly an eye opening experience for all participants, and took everyone through what it means to live in poverty and the struggles they face.

Looking ahead to April, we have our wheels turning! Strive to Thrive University classes are starting up this month. We are very excited about all of our classes and really hope that these educational opportunities help to build our community. We also have a food drive planned for the end of the month. If you are interested in volunteering please let us know or if you see a red bag when you go to the store on April 30th please take one and help those in need! One last thing of note that is going on at the Center is happening on May 3rd! The Center is a part of Support Spartanburg, which is a 24 hour online giving campaign! So please consider giving and let all of your friends know about what is happening on May 3rd!

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