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STRIDES Tutoring Program

stridesWe are excited to introduce STRIDES is an educational program that provides individual academic instruction to children and youth who are at risk for academic failure. STRIDES will evaluate each student to determine their current level of performance. Then, working closely with the parent, a unique program is created that takes into consideration any special needs or disabilities that need to be addressed. An experienced instructor is matched to each student based on their unique needs and they will meet for a minimum of two hours per week.
STRIDES believes that all children should have access to individualized instruction, so they offer a sliding fee scale based on a family’s ability to pay.

Melanie and I are overjoyed for the continuing progress Jacob is making with his reading, in spite of his challenges. Equally important is the ‘light’ in his eyes when he talks about being able to read. Only six months ago there was a look of dull resignation.
 Another ‘plus’ is that he never complains about going to work on his reading with Mrs. Arney or Dr. Everett … we believe he, like other children, can sense when someone really cares.—Comment from STRIDES Parent

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