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62 Year Old Man Earns His GED

62 Year Old Man Earns His GED

12 Jun, 2019  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

Randy Medley was the head of valet parking for an outside company working for a hospital system.  One day, when the hospital decided to offer valet parking in-house, his position was terminated.  Due to his years of service, they offered Medley a position within the new system . . . until they discovered he had no high school diploma.

After losing his potential position, he realized every job that paid enough to cover his monthly needs required a diploma.  This is what motivated Medley to come to the Upstate Family Resource Center (UFRC).  Word of our GED program reached him through Angie Jones, District 2 Educator and long-time family friend.  So at 62 years old, Mr. Medley came to the UFRC and graduated with his GED on May 13th.

Going back to get an education at Medley’s age was no small feat.  In an over-the-phone interview, he shared having issues with self-confidence throughout the course.  GED instructor Libby Evatt helped keep him motivated when he needed it.  “She’s very encouraging,” said Mr. Medley.

The best part of the program was achieving his GED and finally being able to put the past behind him.  For anyone else contemplating furthering their education, Mr. Medley said, “Go for something you want to do or need to do, don’t hesitate.  It does feel good when you get it behind [you].”

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