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Giving Thanks

22 Nov, 2022  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

Kelley Ezell, Executive Director, Upstate Family Resource Center

One of the greatest lessons that we can teach our little ones is to be grateful. I vividly remember as a child being coaxed over and over by a parent or grandparent asking me, “Now what do you say?” after someone had given me something or paid me a complement. I still find myself almost saying it to other people’s little ones (and big ones sometimes!).

Staff at the Upstate Family Resource Center want to say thank you to you. If you are receiving this newsletter, you have intersected with us in some way. You may be a partner, a volunteer, a donor, a program participant or just a curious onlooker. Whatever the case, know you are appreciated. Your interest in our work encourages us and spurs us on as we support families on their journey to thrive.

During this week before Thanksgiving, we are already seeing a record number of families reaching out for holiday assistance. Our Christmas shop calendar is filling quicker than ever before. We can certainly use your help. You can be a grateful giver by helping us to provide Christmas for families and by contributing to help us meet operational expenses during the second half of our fiscal year. We would be abundantly thankful if we could focus on families in 2023 instead of finances.

You can help by making a donation on our website or visit our Amazon wishlist to send us a toy for our Christmas for Kids Program (toys should be sent by December 6th to ensure delivery).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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