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29 Oct, 2020  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

We have answers!

How does the Upstate Family Resource Center impact our community?

Our organization is an integral part of the community – serving as a link between families, schools, and support services, providing 5 protective factors:  Parental Resilience; Social Connections; Concrete Support in Times of Need; Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development; Social and Emotional Competence of Children.  This is accomplished through collaboration with churches, businesses, agencies and other non-profits to provide accessible services and programs that help children and families within our community thrive.

Which program serves the most families?

Harvest Family Ministries (Family Support/Financial Stability) serves over 600 unduplicated families per year; impacting approximately 1800 women, men and children.   This program is focused on helping families in crisis and then providing opportunities for them to learn how to overcome barriers and foster new habits which may lead to financial stability.

Many times families take advantage of our menu of evidence based programs which include:

  • GED Preparation
  • English Classes for Speakers of Other Languages (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Adolescent Family Life CARE Program – adolescent parents and their children
  • Triple P Parenting Program
  • PASOs Spartanburg – Focused on the education, health, and wellness of Latinx families

Does the Upstate Family Resource Center use volunteers?

Yes.  Our Volunt-Heroes program provides an opportunity for individuals to volunteer at all levels.  There are 3 POWerful ways that you can volunteer: Project based, On-Call, and Weekly.  Click the following link to learn how to get involved and begin our Volunt-Heroes application process.

How can I make a financial contribution?

We are so glad you asked!!  Just like most nonprofits the UFRC relies on financial support to continue their mission. Individual donations make up 70% of all charitable giving in the United States.  Individual and business donations are the important key to our long-term sustainability! You are welcome to stop by our office at 1850 Old Furnace Road, Boiling Springs, SC  29316 and make a donation via cash, check or debit/credit card.  You can also mail your donation to the address above or you can click on this link to make a secure on-line donation or pledge.

You also have the option of making a donation in honor or memory of someone.  For a donation of $50.00 or more we will have your message engraved on a leaf or apple to place on our giving tree at the Center and send an announcement to share about your gift. 

How much of my contribution actually goes to help people?

The Upstate Family Resource Center administrative and general fundraising cost is 9%.

Is the Upstate Family Resource Center funded by Spartanburg County School

District Two?

The Center was created in 2007 when Spartanburg County School District Two (D2) was awarded a grant from the May Black Foundation.  Since that time D2 has generously provided operational space, building maintenance, a supply budget, IT services and acted as our fiscal agent.  However, the UFRC has always been responsible for all other costs associated with staffing and operations.

With the District Two property being sold, where will the Center be housed?

For 13 years D2 has graciously provided our operational home.  With our current location for sale the UFRC board is in the process of determining where our next home in the D2 footprint will be and how our organization can collaborate to expand services and programs for the future.  This is an opportunity to re-cast our vision in order to develop the best possible plan for children and families in our community.

We want to create a welcoming community space that can meet the needs of our community for generations to come.  Something that will be a spot of pride for our community and the surrounding areas.

How do I refer someone to the Upstate Family Resource Center for programing?

They can go to our website  At the bottom of the page there is a Connect link to a communication form.  They can complete the information and choose what program they are interested in.  Someone will reach back out to them within 24 hours.

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