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19 Sep, 2019  /  by Upstate Family Resource Center

Kerby Beliles
Americorps VISTA

Volunteers are an invaluable resource for organizations such as the Upstate Family Resource Center (UFRC). Some would even say that volunteers are the unsung heroes of the nonprofit world, helping to solve some of the issues nonprofits deal with every day. Challenges that nonprofit organizations seem to constantly run into are lack of funding and lack of manpower to facilitate the organization’s initiatives as mentioned in the Guide Star blog in a piece titled Nonprofits’ Three Greatest Challenges.

Some barriers that can have an effect on one’s ability to volunteer can range from not knowing about volunteer opportunities, scheduling conflict, caretaking responsibilities, and so much more. Guide Star blog lists “Getting the word out about what we do” as non-profits third largest challenge. Which, if one reasons logically, would play hand-in-hand with the fact that organizations have shortcomings of funding and volunteer work. If the community isn’t aware of the work they could be aiding in fiscally or physically, those shortcomings will remain and possibly be a pitfall for the missions of those nonprofits.

To be both simple and frank, we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re able to do if it weren’t for volunteers stepping up and stepping out into their communities. The truth of the matter is, an organization can plan, organize, and fundraise to infinity but it’s all for nothing if there’s nobody to carry out the work. There are many reasons why people volunteer: self-fulfillment, class requirements, retirement, personal reasons . . . the list goes. But what may be the greatest common factor among the volunteer workforce is the sense of community found in serving one’s own.

The importance of one’s time cannot be stressed enough. In fact, volunteer time, energy, and effort has a recognized worth of upwards of 23 dollars an hour. Volunteer work is heroic and these heroes come in all forms. From the kind-hearted who serve in soup kitchens, to those who diligently organize school supplies for those without, to the handy civilians who construct Habitat for Humanity Homes for people in need, to so much more and everything in between. The UFRC has many volunteer opportunities available and would greatly appreciate your help in carrying them out, should you choose to accept such responsibility. Just remember, with great volunteer work comes great relief and greater opportunities to thrive for families in our community.

They’re not just a volunteers. They’re a Volunt-Heroes.

Help your community by signing up to become a Volunt-Hero today.

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